The party last night made me realize that not everyone can appreciate the beauty of nu-disco: its a concept that needs extra convincing and persuasion, and its not that simple, especially if its easier to tag it to house or worse: balearic.
Also, people tend to crave for vile, filthy sounds when they’re at their most fucked and unfortunately Jakwob proved too mild. So this post is for you motherfuckers who insist on fucked up dubstep like nothing else.

Shame I didnt bring this with me last night. Ya’ll ready for this yet?
This is 16 Bit – London based DRT and Kidnappa joining forces to vomit out the most insane, fucked up, distorted wobbles with sick sick drum beats – it makes you wanna go out and kill. These guys did a mindblowing Kissy Sell Out Mix on BBC Radio 1 in April and totally massacred the crowd in their recent US tour with their IMMENSE murderous tunes designed for those of you who seriously need venomous, dirty hard bass to blow your motherfuckin heads off.
16Bit. Southside Dubstars. REMEMBER.

Support and get your hands on their stuff here: http://www.shetme.com/catalog/2/16bit

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