Thieves Like Us
Named after a New Order song, Thieves Like Us exploded into the scene in 2007 with the Kitsune released, Drugs In My Body, that impossibly catchy low fi disco-pop tune that never really got out of my head. Often lumped alongside the goddamn Teenagers (that band I seriously despise for their tasteless, immature lyrics but at the same time guiltily love their awesome remixes – remember Simian Mobile Disco‘s Its The Beat?), this 2 part Swedish, 1 part American trio survived the fickleness of 2007, the year of the “Crossover”: when all the indie kids embraced electro like it was some new class A only to quickly forget about it again by the time 2008 rolled in – and continued to produce the kind of Factory Records style krautrock-indiepop music that I just cant get enough of.

Declarations has got Joy Division’s Peter Hook all over it. And just watching the video for Drugs In My Body totally summed up the feelings and the imagery in my head when I listen to them. Dreamy synths and cold drumbeats, the lyrics always about dancing and partying, finding and losing love in this bleak, grimy city and y’know what – this city could be anywhere.
Oh the romance of falling in love in a club in Berlin when you are both on drugs.
Its so destructively beautiful in a twisted, quiet way.

Get their latest Really Like To See You Again 12″ release on Shelflife here.

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