mark ronsonJust got wind of this new network called The Creators Project. It’s an initiative by Intel and VICE and I’m all for technology and communication. What’s so special about this network? Hear this: its all about celebrating creativity and culture across media and around the world. The belief is that there is a better way of supporting and elevating artists and their work.

Think of it as a kinda arts foundation to support artists (music / fashion /art / whatever). It’s kinda like making the best use of technology to support creativity. I like the sound of it. In their own words: “Status quo is just not enough.”

[Mark Ronson – The Creators Project]–>click to go to the website

At the moment, they’ve got Mark Ronson, you know him, very famous guy. Got a new record out. He supports this project and he’s talking about how technology is important when it comes to promoting music – he should know. He’d used viral videos (remember Circuit Breaker?) and Twitter to promote his stuff.

[Video: Mark Ronson - Circuit Breaker]
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Anyway this is a great iniative and one that could do with more support that’s why I blogged this up.

Check the facebook page:

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