MODUALTraditional DnB heads or hardcore dubsteppaz are probably gonna hate this. But I don’t give a shit. If its awesome, it gets on here. Modual from Sweden, have become kinda like good friends to me. Just by virtue of how nice they are in emails and how fucking awesome their tracks are. If you aint heard of them and never bothered, then you’re stupid.

[Modual - Hours]

They’ve got a new ep out called Infinity. Let me tell you this is pure fucking gold. Smooth dubstep held together with chilled out progressive drum and bass. Some of you may say, this is too POP, but it don’t matter coz its THAT GOOD. This is progressive, this is moving out of that typical, predictable, boring and now commercial dubstep template. Lyrics that mean something.

Yes bruv, sometimes I like a bit of thrash but occassionally its nice to have a sense of maturity and sophistication. BOOOM!

Buy Infinity for, whuttt,  $3USD here.

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