I don’t need to convince you how awesome Zach and Max from MadKids are / were. House of Damon was the tune of 2010 for me and I’ve had their September Mix featured on this blog’s sidebar for months. You can still read the interview I did with them in this post. For some reason they’ve renamed themselves Prince Club – new name, what looks like a new look, same amazing shit.

[MadKids - House of Damon]–>Fucking tune!!

They’re signed with the good people at Discobelle now, which I kinda expected. These 2 tracks below just got released as freebies. Still sticking to the minimal side of tech house. It’s dead good:

[Prince Club - Humpty Dumpty]–>Bad Fotography Recommends!

[Prince Club - 303s and 808s]

Support and buy the La Charma ep released via Discobelle on Beatport here.

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