valta and minikinBass sounds on this shitty Monday evening, thank god for Valta & Minikin from Ukraine. In case you don’t know, these two are the head honchos behind clubnight and dubstep / bass radioshow KievBass on SubFM. I’ve always dug dark bass sounds from the eastern regions of Europe because for ages, even before the likes of 16Bit etc, they’ve always tended to dwelve deeper into dangerous industrial sounds, especially the wicked darkstep and techstep scenes (ie, check out this post I made on Moscow’s B Soul a year back and you’ll know what I mean). It’s a totally different angle to the cliched american dubstep and the grime-ier UK equivalent. There’s just something so machine-evil about it that makes me love it.

[Video: Valta & Minikin - Fed Up]

Valta & Minikin’s got a new release, Man Down Bad Sex coming out via up and coming imprint, London’s Rag & Bone Recs (check the feature we did on The Squire of Gothos) and is giving away this track for ya’ll to get into. Honestly, it’s just what you need right now after a hard day’s work.

[Valta & Minikin - Let's Go Mental]

Buy Man Down, Bad Sex on Boomkat here.

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