New tunes to dance to! The Face of The Planet by The Subs, just came out last week and its an euphoric electrohouse number, occassionally veering into euro territory. Hot remixes by Style of Eye, Gtronic ‘s brand of electro thrash, TAI and a ridulous dubstep version by Parametic. I want to put up the preview of the original becuase it’s quite good actually, but it’s been destroyed by a robotic “this is a preview” vocal layered all over the track it’s nearly impossible to appreciate the damn thing. So here’s the minimix instead, its a good one and you can hear what I’m on about:

[The Subs - The Face Of The Planet Remixes Minimix]

Also, here’s a free download off the single courtesy of Lektroluv:

[The Subs - The Face Of The Planet (Ado's Scratch And Sniff Mix)]

Just realized I got the video here too:
[The Subs - Face Of The Planet]

Buy on Beatport here.

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