finally punkWhat the fuck happened to Finally Punk? Why is M’Lady Records referring to them in the past tense and saying this LP version of 2009′s Casual Goths release “stands in tribute to their amazingness?” Can somebody PLEASE tell me what the fuck is going on coz I REALLY like this band!! Raw, DIY, dont-give-a-fuck, recorded-in-the-living-room album type band. 1 minute songs. So unpretensious its impossible – and they did it. Those “in the know” would have heard their version of Negative Creep:

“Kurt Cobain is dead. I’m not Kurt Cobain. But I am a negative creep.”  No-one else could top this!

Hell, I went to their gig at the pub with the sticky floors (The Packhorse) next to the Uni when they were in Leeds a coupla years back. I even stole the poster for that show and still have it up on my wall now!

[Finally Punk - Pregnant]

[Finally Punk - Enviromentality]

[Finally Punk - Primary Colors]

I’ve tried to look all over the internet for some update or other but their Myspace hasn’t been updated in ages and they’re not on fucking facebook! Is facebook un-punk? Did they split up? Do I live under a fucking rock?
:( Not happy.

Buy the Casual Goths LP via M’Lady Records’ mail order section here.

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