la machine

La Machine are a boy and a girl from Leeds doing noise pop stuff. Its pop, with extreme guitar distortions and vocals on high gain. So far they’ve played a few shows and got a free ep out, Spirit Level which is out via their bandcamp. I’m seriously digging the nu disco remix by Punk Rock Kick, 80s chilled out miami vibes. Honestly, it’s the best remix in the entire ep:

[La Machine - Spirit Level (12" Punk Rock Kick 1983 Remix)]

Also, it turns out Punk Rock Kick is none other than Rob, my fav guy at the Rock & Roll Circus! Hahahaha! Ey up, mate! What up! :)

Back to La Machine, this new demo is gettin me super hyped. Vicious is the word for it:

[La Machine - Twist & Shout]

Go watch La Machine live tonight and see how they do it at Oporto. Tell em Trent sent ya. :)

Facebook event:

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