Whilst trolling online looking for skramz bands, my ears locked onto Mahria, a band based in Edmonton, US. Their self titled cassette was released late last year via Bart Records. That is their only full length so far and it’s tight as fuck. Chaotic screamo, shrill screamy vocals just like I like it, lyrics earnest and personal.

Why this really wins for me is the fact that the lead singer is a woman – not that it’s so important to look at the gender of lead singers but that screamo or hardcore for that matter, is such a male dominated scene, that, when every once in a while you hear a great band with an awesome vocalist who happens to be female, it’s just so refreshing, and powerful and inspiring. Corey, the vocalist for Mahria, has a thing or two to say about this.

Also, they remind me of this:

[La Quite - La Fine Non รจ La Fine]

I loved all the songs and it’s hard to pick some favorites but here are some tracks from the release that grabbed me the most:

[Mahria - Lights]

[Mahria - Justification of an Old Man]

[Mahria - Wagering Life]

The entire cassette is available on their bandcamp digitally as a free download though I really think you should support and buy the actual cassette here.
Fingers crossed they might decide to tour across the pond.

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