pandreasThis is it – the new sound of summer. Right here. The Norwegian producer Andreas Rasmussen who goes by the moniker Pandreas, dropped me a quick short email earlier this week, about his love for photography and music, leaving his soundcloud link for me to get into. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much. “Noise pop” – sure, everyone does noise pop these days. It’s almost a by-word for pop music done badly. Yet, what greeted me instead was something so magnificent, I had to blog this up now before the folks at Pitchfork get hold of it.

Imagine D/R/U/G/S on drugs, or Gold Panda completely blissed out – no, this isnt that chillwave crap, rather, noise-pop that isn’t using the word “noise” to hide its inferiority.  Pandreas makes use of samples and loops from here and there, bits and pieces of found sound and weaves and recycles them into gloriously accessible pop.

It’s pop music for dancers, believers. It’s joyous, beautiful pop music. Simple and emotional at the same time.

I can’t believe these are his only productions. Experience it:

[Pandreas - Glimt]

[Pandreas - Sirkel (Sag)]

[Pandreas - ESOTSM]

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