slowcoaches leeds

I’ve just had a fucked-up day. It’s cold and freezing. I thought, hey, lets check out this gig tonight and cheer myself up coz Azores (ex-members of Cissy) is playing and it’s time to check out new bands that I probably would not have come across in my usual circuit. So I packed my camera and other gear in my bag and cabbed it down. It was like, in an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere. Well, no, it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, I’m just being bitter.Why bitter? Well this:

So I was met at the gates of this building by the drummer from Slowcoaches. He was really ace and nice. That was a good start. I asked if it was okay to take photographs and he said yeah by all means. And then the worst fucking thing happened: my new flash, my new fucking flash, wasn’t working. DESPITE testing it before leaving the house, despite having new fucking batteries, it wasn’t working. FUCKING GREAT. So I thought, ok, lets get back to town and get some batteries. Maybe I got sold a bad batch. Fine. Called the cab to get to town with the intention of returning back to the gig. Guess what – shops were shut. AND THEN I FUCKING STUBBED MY TOE, coming out of the cab and nearly slipped and fell on my FACE. Sadtimes. Everything was going wrong. So I decided to go back home instead and blog about it.
I’ll stop whinging now.

slowcoaches leeds

So this post is kinda like a post that would have been an ace gig review on Azores and Slowcoaches. Except I cant find Azore’s bandcamp / soundcloud thingy so it’s gonna have to be about Slowcoaches only.

Slowcoaches’ sound is what can be described as raw garage punk mutated into catchy, almost-pop. Half-sneering, half shouty vocals coupled with fuzzed-up “simple” guitar chord riffs – it’s almost like it’s lazy pop, but not lazy as in can’t be arsed, more like its all effortless. There is certainly a sort of elegance to that, and the fact they at times seem like almost veering into total shambolic disorder makes them all the more endearing, a kind of bristly, rugged charm.

The Leeds three piece is releasing We’re So Heavy via Tye Dye Tapes, a Sheffield based label with an inclination for “ginger beer, William Shatner & Kathleen Hannah”. Their 6 track ep is available for pre-order here. Opening title track has strong echoes of Pretty Girls Make Graves sans synths and this is especially so with Heather’s vocals, 2nd track 54 has a kind of LS6 vibe to it,  and my favorite No Brainer is all the raw, unfiltered fury waiting to be unleashed, the slack grunge singing reminding listeners to keep it fun.

Pre-order We’re So Heavy here.

Upcoming tour dates with Dolfinz:

24 Henry’s Cellar BAR, Edinburgh
25 TBC, Glasgow
26 The Continental, Preston
27 The Chameleon, Nottingham
28 Sylvester Street (Tye Die Show), Sheffield
29 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
30 Undertone, Cardiff
31 Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

01 Prince Albert, Brighton
02 Wilmington Arms, London
03 Brixton Windmill, London
05 Power Lunches, London

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