tokyo prose drum and bass

Just staring out of the window from my apartment right now. Night time, lights coming on and off, cars on quiet city streets, buildings standing still in the unusual warm spring heat. I’ve got Tokyo Prose on the soundsystem and I’m totally sinking inside the depth of the sounds coming out of my speakers. This is Drum & Bass on the edge of liquid, New Zealand style, smooth and massive.

Consequence (Exit Records) concocted a tougher sound with this version, dark and spacious:

[Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound (Consequence Remix)]

This one by Synkro keepin the deep, soulful vibes heavy. Seriously feeling this:

[Tokyo Prose - Echoes (Synkro Remix)]

Some more beautiful stuff, I honestly can’t get enough:

[Tokyo Prose - Retake]

Buy the Tokyo Prose Remixes here, via Samurai Music.
If you love drum and bass, keep this label on your radar.

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