shhh_ift leeds techno 11th august 2012 full circle

So last night I got roped in to video record probably the best techno night in Leeds right now, Shhh_ift. This is my third outing to this clubnight and every time it just keeps getting better and better. The Shhh_ift collective like to keep things underground but accessible: their venues are never revealed until the very last minute so you literally have to keep your ears peeled or keep checking their facebook for updates. Every once in a while, they give away a hint or a clue about where or what the next venue is going to be. One of their absolute legendary nights was when they transformed the Leeds cage fighting venue into a dark techno experience.

shhh_ift leeds techno 11th aug full circle 2012

[Shhh_ift Mix #5 - Ryan Johnson]

Clubbing in Leeds is a strange, frustrating affair – if you don’t know the right crowd, you end up thinking “Leeds is shit” because all you do is follow the mainstream clubs. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you think about the other main nights in Leeds with their ridiculously expensive bars and entry prices setting you back fifteen or twenty quid before you can even have fun, it’s frustrating. And yet here, we have Shhh_ift, holding techno parties in unusual places (remember the one at the indoor skate park?), with a great rave vibe where everyone are just absolutely sound and having fun, great techno, it only costs a fiver to get in and the bar prices are always decent. You can’t go wrong with that.

shhh_ift techno leeds 11th august 2012 full circle

Last night’s Shhh_ift party was held at a former pinball warehouse which is now Full Circle. From the moment I got inside, my heart was already pounding because my body was just feeding off the amazing vibes, I haven’t even been to the bar to get a drink yet – everyone was dancing, the bass was pumping and the techno was fucking dark and deep and the crazy visuals on the walls were lighting up the dancefloor. Two floors of people, spilling out into the outdoor area – it was packed as hell. No aggro, no pretentious bullshit.¬†And that is what makes a good party: you just cant beat the athmosphere. And Full Circle, in parts, has an almost industrial feel to it which makes the whole underground vibe authentic.

shhh_ift techno leeds 11th aug 2012 full circle

shhh_ift 11th august 2012 full circle leeds techno

I’ve even spotted some kids I’ve seen at System & Louche nights – they’ve caught on to this. ¬†Anyway, I didn’t get back till like 4am, so the video is not ready yet. In the meantime, have a look at the rest of the shots from the night here:

>> View The Rest of The Photos <<

Update: The video is ready! Here it is!

[SHHH_IFT #10 - Video]

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