divorce and queer'd science wharf chambers leeds 14th sept 2012

Went to see Divorce at a gig about a week or so ago. Sham 69 was playing another gig in the same city elsewhere but I knew where my loyalties lie LOL. Anyway, I arrived so late I missed a good portion of the show but came just in time to see Manchester based trio Queer’d Science finishing up their set. They were energetic, with an intense lead singer scream-shouting her lungs out and crashing into the crowd, totally reminding me very much of the two Jenns from Mika Miko. The drums were completely all over the place (in a good way) and the bass/guitars were totally weird-ed out, wire-y and crunked out with crazed wonky effects. I think they’re my new favorite band?

Queer'd Science Leeds wharf chamber 14 sept 2012

[Queer'd Science - Punish You]

[Queer'd Science - Ay Chihuahua!]

divorce queer'd science wharf chambers 14 sept 2012

And then Divorce. I’ve covered these guys nearly every single time they played a show near me. I got a lovely hug from VSO and bought a new Divorce t-shirt off them to replace the fav old and worn out one I got off em from a show like maybe 2 years back or something. Their set was as brutal as it should always be but I sensed a new kind of Divorce, a new kind of noise. Brutality still prevailed, but this was a heavier, slightly sludgier sound, and more metallic, more urgent. If I hadn’t noticed this earlier on from earlier shows, it’s probably because its now more sonically pronounced than ever before. At one point when Jennie bellowed and let out the most awesome power screech I have ever heard in a long time, my hair stood on end and I had to put my camera down and gasp in awe.

I felt so shitty afterwards for not being able to afford both the vinyl with the homemade DIY sleeves and t-shirt together but given that I don’t have a vinyl player, the t-shirt had to do for now.

>> [view the rest of the shots from the night here] <<

[Divorce - Dreglegs]

[Divorce - Bill Murray]

You can buy their debut full length on half purple half green 12″ vinyl from Nightschool Records here.

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