super luxury leeds tape release

Leeds’ noize boiz, Super Luxury have a debut tape release coming out on the 29th of September, thanks to Chris from the band for reminding me about this one. I didn’t get much info from him about the actual tape, but my guess is that it is looking like a 3 track self-release (please correct me if I’m wrong). To celebrate, they’re having a party with other notable thrashy upstarts Bearfoot Beware, Magnapinna, Juffage, Double Muscle, Yugoslavian Boys, Vasco De Gama and Two Trick Horse at everyone’s favorite grimy gig venue, the Packhorse:

super luxury tape release 2012

Super Luxury are known for their crazy stage antics - I have covered some of it here. Lead singer Adam Nodwell (also known as the British Wildlife promoter) has been known to totally spazz out amidst the chaos and wall of noise his band members emit. Some people just don’t get the whole concept - being a shouty, brash-on-the-brink-of-total-berserk-ness is not everyone’s cup of tea. But we’re not here to critique “art bands” whilst sipping tea! So if you’re like me, and always game for a bit of the good ol’ thrashing around to some ace DIY noise tunes, then this is the party band for you!

Support the band, buy the tape, come to the party!
Say hi to em on facebook here! Head over to their bandcamp to buy the tracks if you don’t have a tape player and prefer mp3s.

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