This just came out on Monday – Critical Music‘s 066 release featuring Sabre, Foreign Concept and vocals by Riya. If you’re wondering why Riya sounds familiar, it’s because she’s done so many vocals for various explosive dnb tunes like this one, a personal favourite of mine by Lenzman out on Metalheadz:

[Lenzman - Open Page (Feat. Riya)]

And this one with Instra:mental and dBridge:
[Instra:Mental, dBridge & Riya - Seems Like]

The reason I’m bangin on about her vocals on this release is because it’s the vocals that really set the depth and the mood to these tracks. And it’s not that these tracks aren’t great on their own, they are, but Riya’s vocals totally lifts them to a new level. Sabre’s Injustice flows like a river deep with melancholia, the bass and the lonely piano keys marry nicely with Riya’s emotional lyrics. And then on the other side, Foreign Concept’s Affliction - the tenacious sound turned on its head into a sultry, late night soundtrack, a stunning twist.

[Sabre & Riya - Injustice]

[Foreign Concept & Riya - Affliction]

If you like this sorta vocal dnb, check out Modual.

Buy this release here.

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