Death Rattle- he & I

Seriously vibing hard to my preview of Death Rattle’s ep, He&I, released 15th October by Belgian label, Frontal Noize. Its the perfect sound to accompany a lonely, foggy autumn night in.

Don’t let the new wave-y upbeat tempo of Fixer fool you into a dance party, this is dark, melancholic electronic music for the heartbroken and misunderstood. Also, tracks like Mouse Chorus has got that lovely Fever Ray touch, its a nice feeling I don’t want to shake off.

[Death Rattle - Fixer]

But it’s Sorry For Your Loss that really wins it for me and it’s the last song on the EP. Gloomy synths bleeding over a marching beat. It’s bleak and beautiful, and sad like that last song they play at closing time in a club when everyone’s paired off for the night and you find yourself alone, walking home in the cold at 3am in the morning.

[Death Rattle - Fixer]

[Death Rattle - Do As You Please]

I think for me, He&I has achieved a very “European” sorta sound, something that can be attributed to the band’s influences but also perhaps, that it was recorded in a large disused farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in France and maybe some of that experience transmitted itself into the recording. Fans of the Gothenburg electronic-pop duo The Knife, and Vessels-era Zola Jesus will absolutely LOVE this.
And for new listeners who haven’t heard of either of the above bands – I promise that you’ll find yourselves drawn in to Helen’s hypnotic voice and the dark electro sounds of Death Rattle, this very promising London duo.

Support and buy Death Rattle’s He&I ep and other merch from their shop here.

Tour Dates:

Gambrinus Pub
Cluj-Napoca, 23/10/2012

Toldi Klub
Budapest, 24/10/2012

Klub K4
Ljubljana, 25/10/2012

Gun Club
Belgrade, 26/10/2012

Berghain/Panorama Bar
Berlin, 28/10/2012

Das Gängenviertel
Hamburg, 30/10/2012

Utrecht TBA
Utrecht, 31/10/2012

The Tudor
Wigan, 02/11/2012

Glasgow, 03/11/2012 – 04/11/2012

The Ram & Shackle
Manchester, 05/11/2012

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