La Fete Triste

Based in Hamburg, La Fete Triste create their own brand of post punk and coldwave the way it should be done: with real instruments recorded on an 8-track, keeping things analog, organic and DIY. The end result is a purity of sound that is completely unmatched, at least not in the perspective of today’s modern day bands and the temptation of computing technology for music production within easy reach.

Mostly their songs are icy and sharp, but they’ve also taken a few pages out of the early new wave / synth wave movements – lots of reverb, bass heavy and melancholic / dreamy synths weaving in and out:

[La Fete Triste - Timeless Place]

Taken from the split tape with Lebanon Hanover, available here.

[La Fete Triste - Brot und Spiele]

[La Fete Triste - Rotes Plastik]

Both tracks from the 7 Hits in Grau release, available here.

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