lebanon hanover image by EliasRaschle

Lebanon Hanover – previously featured in passing in this post, now a great upcoming band, still unsigned. Doing the dark / coldwave revival thing and doing it very well. Lebanon Hanover is the brainchild of Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline. It’s the sound of Berlin and Sunderland synthesized into minimal gloom-disco. As a person who counts Asylum Party and Norma Loy in his favourite┬ábands list, Lebanon Hanover becomes an obvious love object.

Some excellent cold / darkwave stuff:

[Neon - Lobotomy (1981)]

[Prothese - Tumours]

The World Is Getting Colder 12″ was released earlier this year, 11 tracks of pure misanthropy, an absolute must for lovers of this genre. Here are some standout tracks from that release (which you can buy here):

[Lebanon Hanover - Sand]

[Lebanon Hanover - Die World]

They’ve also done a split tape with La Fete Triste, released by the excellent Aufnahme Und Wiedergabe label:

[Lebanon Hanover - Fuck 2010, Fuck The Future, Fuck Everybody]

The split tape itself is sold out, but you can buy it in mp3 format here.

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