Vuvuvultures (photo by Neil Anderson, from vuvuvulture's facebook page)

The nouveau goth movement was already in full swing before I’ve even realised the full extent of it. As I sit here going through Savages‘ facebook photo album, making plans for the show with O Children and The Voyeurist tomorrow and listening to Vuvuvultures, I cannot help but feel a sense of, relief. Relief in the sense that these upcoming bands have restored my faith in British guitar music, and most importantly, in the music of our generation. Relief  but also wonder.

I’m thinking, why is it always the bands and artists that explore the darker realms of life and living… – why do we find that desirable? And fulfilling? Is it like some kind of preservation of sanity, the way we look towards these people, making these melancholic sounds, as if to find a way to “even out” the false security created by mindlessly happy chart nonsense fed to us day in, day out in mainstream media. A kind of balance?

Or is it like a personal private desire to self-destruct, live on the edge, fill the need for the outre, total fucking decadence - but through music?

To me, Vuvuvultures explores all those dynamics – self destruction, defiance, desire. Harmony with her deep, sultry voice and androgynous skinny frame frantic and  energetic, lashing out on stage to the sound of her band projecting moody, abrasive rock, in front of a crowd that wants to swallow them whole. While Savages, to me, is intense and deathly serious, Vuvuvultures is more about the brutal party, the not-giving-a-fuck:

[Vuvuvultures - Safe Skin]

[Vuvuvultures - Pills Week]

but also, most importantly the painful come-down as exemplified in stunning dark pop like this:

[Vuvuvultures - I'll Cut You (Adam Nicholas Remix)]

[Vuvuvultures - I'll Cut You Official Video]

After all that, maybe “goth” is a lazy throwaway label to use on this amazing band. What do you think?

Next Shows

  • Oct 31 Electric Ballroom w/Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster London, UK
  • Nov 1 Servant Jazz Quarters London, UK
  • Nov 10 Fear of Fiction Festival / Stokes Croft Bristol, UK

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