Isaac Tichauer - I Forgive You

If you’re like me and still not over the party mood yet, then this first post of the year is going to get you grooving nicely. Isaac Tichauer‘s I Forgive You released at the end of last year on the French Express imprint is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you while shake off the post festivities come down.

Deep moog-ed out bassline and chopped up melodic vocals start your journey, the sparkling cymbals and toms bring in the color. You then get led to the party when the piano synth-stabs make their appearance, everything comes beautifully together. I’m a sucker for piano-led house. And at a relatively mid tempo groove, I can imagine playing this track in my car, cruising down the Last Vegas strip, past the busy bars with their drink promotions and bingo halls and casinos like, taking in the sounds, the bright neon lights, the night.

[Isaac Tichauer - I Forgive You]

I love this kinda house music, this one’s got a tinge of that tropical blissed out vibes, vocals, with an euphoric edge – nothing too hard, chilled and catchy. There’s also an emotional element to it, when you listen to this you get a detached kind of soft elation, like, “Yeah, I get this. This is good,” just nodding to it, feeling the beat.

If you like tracks like this, then check out Doing What I Got also by Tichauer, released sometime in the middle of last year. It starts at a much slower tempo, but it’s just as uplifting as it is chilled out. Soulful vocals over a tropical, funkier beat, makes it more of a summer kinda beach tune, great for hot nights, slowdancing yourself into a sweat.

[Isaac Tichauer - Doing What I Got]

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