Bad Fotography was created in 2009 and was hosted on Blogspot for a while before it was moved to its own server. The blog was meant to be an outlet of emotional outpouring in the form of crappy, pixelated and over-photoshopped photography because (back then) I couldn’t take photos for shit. (Hence the name)
But then it morphed into a place where I ranted about music.
Since then, I have been blogging every week, for at least 3 times a week without fail.

The whole point of Bad Fotography was to steer away from what I was comfortable with. At the time I listening to bands like Circle Takes The Square and Kodan Armada, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Day In Black A White, sometimes occassionally interrupted by Joy Division and (post-Your Favorite Weapon) Brand New.

I was afraid of electronic music because it was monstrous and technical. Having written hardcore/punk per-zines since 1999, (TheseWordsCouldKill zine is one of them) and having been blogging for more than a decade (since Livejournal to be exact) I just felt it was time to do something different.

I’ve been in bands, slept on floors and sold demos at a dollar a pop. I’ve put on DIY gigs since I was a 15, that was awesome. Then I became a failed club promoter in Manchester. I hated the feeling but loved the experience. It builds character, y’know. Not many people can say they have that on their CV.

This blog has forced me to learn that not everything sounds the same, “not everything is techno” and that kids who used to listen to hardcore punk can appreciate house too.
I’m not saying I know my shit. I just love music. In all forms. If its there and its good, its to be appreciated.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Hope you enjoy this project.

Trent Rampage

(ps: check out the sister site on Tumblr if you have the time. It’s more focused on art and photography there.)