And my foray into the Stuggart music scene deepens. I discovered Levin Goes Lightly in the previous post. This time I touch on All Diese Gewalt, the solo-projekt of Max Rieger, who also plays in Die Nerven.

Whilst Die Nerven’s brand of Deutsch college rock doesn’t particularly fascinate me, it’s in All Diese Gewalt (“All This Violence”) where I start to pay attention, sensed a kind of urgency from the artist, like this need, to reach out with a much more refined sound.

It’s atmospheric pop, lo-fi and DIY, you can feel the yearning as he screams in the opening track Endloses Band from the Kein Punkt Wird Mehr Fixiert LP:


And as you listen to the record further the songs start to blossom, multi-layered ambient prog-pop with vocals that bleed ennui as much as it does emotion: Das Hier ist Einfach (previously titled Tag ohne Regen):


I love this.

Support and buy All Diese Gewalt’s 12″ vinyl Kein Punkt wird mehr fixiert here.