The film is nameless, it doesn’t exist yet. Yet I can feel its story – it is alive, living and breathing in aural form.

This is the work of Clint Trofa, performing as Duke of Zuke – an improv artist producing the cinematic score to an imaginary film with just an electric guitar through layers of drone and loops, exercising extreme control to keep over-production and use of effects down to only a handful of pedals.

The result is Apnoeic: an instrumental album that is raw as it is minimal, an emotional journey through a yet to be realized fictional character, destined to a melancholic end. (After writing this, I discover that 3 of the tracks from this release have been used in the architecture documentary The Pedway: Elevating London, so in this case, the imaginary film does now exist!)

The limited edition tape version of Apnoeic is still available via Tombed Vision Records, an imprint that combines graphic design, photography and typography with package design that it lovingly applies to its catalog – a diverse selection of some of the best sound art and ambient music for the discerning listener.

The cassette album is packaged in a double-sized case with a new, updated design, pro dubbed on red coral tape duplicated on both sides and includes a 2 panel inlay printed on 300gsm recycled paper.

Buy Apnoeic by Duke of Zuke on the Tombed Visions label here.
Duke of Zuke will be performing in London this 17th of April.