Greg Gonzalez’s breathy vocals swirl like cigarette smoke in a dark, lonely bar, reminiscing about past love in un-apologetically simple, melodic minimalism.

The unavoidable comparison to Mazzy Star jumps to mind on first listen, yet, when shoegaze-y, slowcore songs such as K. and Apocalypse weave into the dreamy, RnB-like Flash or the hushed, beach-pop tones in songs like Truly and Young & Dumb, it becomes evident that Cigarettes After Sex are not trying to be a revival band merely replicating what inspired them.


Instead, this self-titled debut album showcases their characteristic approach to slow, dark pop: effortless yet complex, perhaps a bit of Barzin, a dash of Belle and Sebastian, but definitely a sound of their own.


A beautiful collection of tracks. Strangely soothing, soaking melancholia with a lingering sense of bleakness, like the feeling of finally coming to terms with past failures and the incoming darkness.

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