I recall seeing FEHM for the first time in Leeds about 2 years back and remember being blown away by their live energy and how they really reminded me so much of the Chameleons / The Sound.
Their sound is proper post-punk, driving bass lines, passionate shout-y vocals, pounding drums:

Leeds as a city has a great history with the genre, Sisters of Mercy can be a bit much for me but other Leeds bands like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Gang of Four, with their gritty sound, lyrics and the DIY punk attitude really appealed to me because the bands, and their songs, felt more genuine and raw – at least, that is what it’s like for me anyway.

And when I watch and listen to FEHM, this band gives me the same sort of feelings.

Interestingly, at the same gig with FEHM a few years back, I also encountered another Leeds band and they are (were?) called Gundogs. They were like this harsher/industrial-goth 2 piece, guitars and bass with some mean synths and drum-machines and apocalyptic vocals.

They played a set before FEHM and after the show I remembered going home thinking if only the two bands would collaborate, because the sound would be so much more realized – imagine those bass lines with those mean synths together!

Fast forward to 2017 and I came across some new band photos of FEHM with 2 additional members who looked very familiar – they’ve joined forces! Or at least that is what it looks like, I hope I’m not mistaken.

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