Sgoraet (trans: Burning Down) is the perfect track for these turbulent times. Hopeful and laden with despair, there is something about the lo-fi emotional vocals singing in Russian accompanying the dark synthwork and austere beats – the way they fade into spaced-out pads like a false sense of security, before getting suddenly and completely derailed and assaulted by hard drum and bass. The sad necessity of loss in the midst of uncertainty. The chaos of change. Perfected and distilled in aural form.

From her bandcamp page:

“On growing up in Russia and the influence that had on her music:
Of course the big problem was perpetual drunkenness—people would drink themselves to death. I was born on October 4, 1990. It was a very interesting but critical time for Russia—a time of great change. The Soviet Union was no more, and old values were anathematized because of the reconstruction.”

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