Second Still are a post-punk band from Los Angeles (their band name taken from a Modern Eon song), formed of Suki San on vocals, Ryan Walker on guitars and Alex Hartman on bass and this self-titled debut album of theirs is a gem of a find.

The opening track Recover makes a fantastic first impression. The Asylum Party influence is strong here.

It begins cold and mechanical, Suki’s vocals punctuate and flow, and just as the listener is about to settle into the groove, the song takes a splendid turn, effortlessly shape-shifting into an impossibly catchy beat, the guitars convulsing into the concluding crescendo.


Try Not To Hide

That repeato / no-wave bassline rolling through Try Not To Hide gives me so much comfort, at the same time the guitars drive me into a frenzy, and the digital drums demand total submission. To put it simply, this is fucking good.

Ryan’s guitar playing style reminds me of Gemma Thompson’s (of Savages) – the kind of style that combine ferocity with reverb-drenched noise and controlled feedback and I want more.

I’m hoping they’ve got a few UK shows planned this year.

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