This site is super PR-friendly but there are some editorial guidelines to be aware of :)

Things we usually publish:

  • New or undiscovered music
  • Art, books, photography print launches or showcase
  • Film screeners and previews for review
  • People, unknown places, brilliant food, amazing festivals
  • History and historical tips (around subcultures, cities, music, art, design)
  • Interviews with makers, doers and producers
  • New tech – gadgets, products, computer games, new tools for testing, preview or review
  • Graphic design, front-end, UX or analytics best practice, guides, how-to columns

Things we will never publish:

  • Sexist stuff
  • Racist stuff
  • Homophobic and transphobic stuff
  • Issues that are political or religious in nature

Write for us: 

  • Have some ideas you’d like to explore? Come and join the team and get your writing seen.

Everything else:
All other media, advertising requests or feedback please email the editor using the form below:


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